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Our History:
The story starts in 1982, in the 8th grade my gym teacher called me fat for the last time.  No sooner the words got out of his mouth that I immediately demanded that he meet me after school to help me. It was then that he made up a workout for me and showed me how to workout.  After that I was hooked.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  Not to mention that it went hand in hand with my other love, playing football.  From that time on to when I graduated from Wayne State College where I became an All-American Linebacker, I understood the power of dreaming, goal setting, goal achievement and what working out can do for a person.  It was through working out and playing football which allowed me as a young kid to develop discipline, dare to dream, cultivate desire and develop set skills that later would carryover to real life where those skills have allowed me to live my dreams out.  For me it all started with that first real workout.  So I have always been fond of helping others with the fitness programs. So after graduation from college I started teaching and coaching.  I also worked part time at a local gym as a personal trainer.  After 16 months or so I decided that I like teaching but I loved personal training and teaching people about fitness.  Shortly I went full time at the gym and absolutely loved it.  I moved up rapidly through the ranks into management.  Once there, I observed how not to treat people and how customers reacted to certain management styles that was detrimental to business.  It was at that time I began to dream that maybe, just maybe one day I would be able to provide people the type of service that they expected and deserved.  So after word got out that I wanted to open my own gym the GM of the facility called me in and said why I didn't tell him.  I told him that he was not the type of person that you share your dreams with.  After that he told me that I could never manage my own gym and that he wouldn't want me to be associated with his organization.  So with that in mind I gave him my two week notice and left work that day and went straight to the Small Business Association with not two nickels in my pocket but I was on a mission.  I don't come from money so I had to borrow over 1.3 million dollars to get started and with the help of a group of very special people (Kirk Gardner, Joe Vogel, Mike and Joni Lake, Gary Plata and Troy Hodge) I formed a Nebraska based corporation in Sept of 1995 and licensed the name Powerhouse Gym from Powerhouse Gyms International.

On June 1, 1996 we officially opened for business and I fulfilled dream of providing the community where I grew up with a superior equipped fitness facility that people can go to workout and get treated like family. I believe with providing the correct environment combined with equipping your facility with enough and the best equipment selection then anyone can dare to dream and achieve their individual fitness goals from young to old, athletic or weekend warrior.  My team and I can make a difference in people's lives.  I have sold many memberships where our facility was the first workout that members have  ever had and everytime it reminds me of my past and how much responsibility my team and I have to each person that walks through our door that I meet. That first workout with us could be the beginning of something beautiful and great for that member.

Where We Are Today:
Over the last 15 years we have serviced over 25000 members and are an integral part of the Bellevue and South Omaha Communities.  We are proud sponsors of the Bellevue University Athletic Programs, Special Olympics, Bellevue and Omaha Schools, .and other various churches and organizations around our community.  We continue to strive to impact peoples live on a daily basis.

In the fall of 2010 I decided that our business had grown in such a way that the name Powerhouse Gym did not represent what our business had become or the members that we service.  So staying true to my beliefs and following my heart, I decided to change the name of my business to Bob's Fitness Center - "Your Neighborhood Gym".  I feel that the name fits who really are today.  I really enjoy the intimacy that me and my team can have from day to day operational contact with our members.  I have always had aspirations of providing our level of service and equipment selection to other communities than the Bellevue/South Omaha community, but if in my lifetime, I only own one gym and it is our gym in Bellevue where me and my team can service our neighbors and our friends than I have had a great life and one that my family can be proud of me for.
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I know that our members really appreciate being able to talk to me.  As many of you know I am not pretentious by any means and I love our members.  I really enjoy listening to what their thoughts, idea's, and concerns are about our gym.  I love our gym and members so much that I will do whatever I can to ensure that they have a great place to workout. 

Our Team:
As you are aware the tab for this section is labeled "about us", so now that you have the background about how we came to be, now let me tell you more about us.  We have a wonderful team of people here at BOB's Fitness Center that truly care about our members.  We strive very hard to provide our members with a positive experience every time they come to the gym.  We are knowledgeable and enjoy teaching our members about fitness.  Most importantly our team is trained on how to help you reach your fitness goals and have fun along the way. An important quality at BOB's Fitness Center is the ability for members to get help.  Our team is ready to assist you through a variety of communications methods; email, phone, website, or the old fashioned way, at the front desk in the gym.  Our team is easily identified with staff shirts and name tags.

Business Operations:
We are very straight forward regarding operations at the gym.  We have found it important to start every relationship with a clear understanding of what is expected for our members and the gym.  We do this by having a very thorough membership agreement. Using our membership agreement helps prevent any verbal misunderstandings that could occur .  We figure that if things are in writing and both agree then there will be less chance for someone to have a bad experience.  It is really pretty simple in our book.  You can exercise at any intensity level to accomplish your fitness goal for as long as you want to, if you follow 3 basic rules:
  • Respect The Staff
  • Respect The Equipment
It seems that in today's market place that other fitness facilities are judging and discriminating against certain people based on factors like how much they can lift or if they look a certain way by not equipping their facilities correctly, making people feel uncomfortable, or just plain kicking people out of the facility.  In my opinion if you follow our 3 rules there should be no distinction from a 75 year old member who wants to use our cardio equipment 7 days a week, the mother with 3 kids who just wants to go to our group fitness classes,  or the bodybuilder/powerlifter getting ready for a competition.  As long as everyone follows our 3 rules we do not discriminate against you.  For those that don't follow the 3 rules regardless of age, sex, race, religion, fitness goals you will be ask to leave expeditiously and not be a part of our BOB's Fitness Center Family.  When you join you become part of our family, you will never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable at the gym because it is a very protected atmosphere and facility.   Most members agree it is really great to belong to BOB's Fitness Center- "Your Neighborhood Gym" to go workout because it  is as comfortable as stepping into your own home.

The Facility:
We are a full service fitness center located in Bellevue Nebraska offering the very best selection in strength equipment, over 80 pieces of cardio equipment, Personal TrainingTanning, Daycare, Juicebar,  and we offer a retail section for supplements, sport drinks, clothing, tanning lotions, and additional accessories.
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Our Mission Statement:
It is our mission at Bob's Fitness Center  to go beyond the norm to provide you superior facilities and services that accommodate each individual member's needs by providing education through structured programs in an energetic, caring, and attentive atmosphere.

3 Important Areas Of The Gym

Resistance (Strength) Equipment:
I believe our facility is unique with over 300 pieces of strength Equipment.  We individually select our strength equipment based on having the best biomechanical movements, ease of use and safety for our members. Believe me, by doing this it is not the most economical for our business but it is worth it in the end to have the strength equipment selection that we have.  Our resistance (strength) equipment manufacturers are Hammer Strength/Life Fitness, Flex, Body Masters, Nebula, Cybex and Ivanko.  It seems like every year there are changes in equipment from manufacturers but most of the changes are cosmetic; frame shape, different accessory panels, etc.  We are not so concerned with if our strength equipment looks brand new but like I said earlier, will it give our members the best possible workout through having the correct biomechanical movement for that specific muscle group being worked.  Another factor that makes us unique in the resistance (strength) equipment is the staggering amount of equipment that we have in our gym.  For example if you are working your back muscles we have at least 20 different selections that you could choose from.  I would say that this is true for probably every body part.  The reason this is important is it gives our members a variety to choose from so that they don't have to do the same workout day after day and eventually stop working out. My opinion regarding strength equipment, is that age has nothing to do with how good a piece of equipment is.  We offer Ivanko Pro Style Dumbbells from 10lbs up to 150lbs and kettle bells from 10lbs to 100lbs. For members that want to deadlift, clean, clean & Jerk, and Snatch we have a platform with a Ivanko Rubber Olympic Weight set. For rehabilitating we offer equipment specifically designed to strengthen the rotator cuff (shoulder), ankle, hip, and wrist muscles and joints. Our Gym has over 8500 squarefeet dedicated to just Strength Equipment:  Free Weights, Dumbbells, Selectorized (machines), and Plate Loaded equipment.  The Strength Equipment areas are separated into two different areas; Selectorized (machines) and Free Weight Areas. Regardless of what your fitness goal is I am confident we can provide you the facility to succeed.
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Cardio Equipment:
Cardiorespiratory training is an important part of your overall exercise program.  Imagine being able to choose from over 80 pieces of cardio equipment including treadmills, steppers, bikes, skiers, elliptical's, rowers, and much more!  Never waiting for equipment is the standard at BOB's Fitness Center.  Then Picure yourself exercising in front of numerous televisions and being able to watch what ever type of programming that you choose.  Our Cardio Theater is guaranteed to put excitement and fun into your workout.We even have our daycare being broadcast on a television selection.  If you have questions regarding proper frequency, intensity, and type of cardio exercises needed to achieve your individual fitness goals, please ask to be set up with 1 free Basic Orientation Session.

Other Services And Amenities

Be sure to check out all the other services and amenities the gym has to offer.

Thank You:
I want to personally thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company and us.  I hope that we see you soon at the gym.

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