In the beginning you will be introduced to the basics and benefits of Resistance Training. In addition you will get familiar with our cardio equipment and learn appropriate stretching and flexibility techniques.
Personal Training
What is BOB's Personal Training?

A BOB's personal fitness trainer guides you through your workouts offering tips and feedback so you get the best results for your effort.  BOB's personal trainers are great educators and motivators who can help take you to higher fitness levels by keeping your workouts fresh and interesting, by giving you complete individualized attention, and by giving you that extra push you may need to achieve maximum results.  Contact our front desk or your BOB's Fitness Trainer to purchase your sessions today.  It is more affordable than you think.

How Does BOB's Personal Training Work?
Your BOB's Personal Trainer will begin by meeting with you one on one and start by identifying your goals and creating a individualized fitness plan. During each session, you will learn the best exercises for your needs. Your trainer will also guide you on the proper amount of weight and number of reps, how long to rest between sets, and how to avoid injury. With your BOB's Personal Trainer you’ll get more from every workout and make steady progress towards your goals!
Come prepared for your BOB's  Personal Training Session:
1.  Wear comfortable workout shoes and clothes.
2.  Bring a towel to wipe off your perspiration and a water bottle to fill and keep hydrated.
3.  Be ready for a fun, exciting, challenging, and motivating experience.
Getting Started Is Easy....
If you're really ready then...
This session we’ll introduce you to advanced Resistance Training using free weights and cable equipment. This session will provide you with an understanding of how resistance training both with machines and free weights are important and effective in achieving your fitness goals

The last session you’ll learn how to workout using functional training equipment like functional training weight equipment, stability balls, balance cushions, resistance bands and more. At the completion of this last session you will have a sense of confidence and have a base to build off of.

These sessions will vary based upon your fitness level and experience. At the end of these three sessions, you’ll come away feeling inspired, energized and more comfortable and confident with a better understanding of what the gym has to offer. Consult your trainer for other packages if needed.
Looking For The Fastest Way To Get You The Results You Want......You Need a Trainer!
If you are really serious about reaching your fitness goal and your ready to get started then jump right in with BOB's  Introductory Personal Training Package.  This package is discounted from normal rates to help make your decision even easier.
Buy BOB's Introductory Personal Training Package with 3 sessions for only $99  normally $150 value.
BOB's  Introductory Personal Training Package is only available to guests and members that have never purchased personal training at BOB's Fitness Center.  You can purchase your package over the phone at 402-733-9333 or in person at the gym.
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Below you will find a outline of BOB's  Introductory Personal Training Package :
In order to get in shape in the most efficient manner, we recommend that you take advantage of an individualized fitness program with one of BOB's Personal Trainers.  As a guest or a member  you are entitled to 1 FREE basic personal orientation sessions with a BOB's Personal Trainer. Your BOB's Personal Trainer will ask you questions regarding your fitness goals, eating habits, and health status, then he or she will guide you through two workouts, answering any questions along the way.  Your BOB's Personal Trainer will write your program down for you so that you may follow it during your subsequent workouts. This is a great way to get started and stay motivated for those first workouts.. All you have to do is make an appointment with a trainer at our front desk or call in by phone at 402-733-9333. 

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If you have any questions push the button to send me and email
If you have any questions push the button to send me and email.
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If you need to lose weight, you need a trainer….If you want to gain muscle….you need a trainer. If you need help getting started….you need a trainer. If you need to change your routine…you need a trainer. If you’ve hit a plateau…you need a trainer. If you’re an athlete, you need a trainer…If you need better balance and flexibility…you need a trainer.   The reasons to get a trainer are endless but the most important reason is so that you become your best you and reach your fitness goals.